• How to block a person in Yahoo mails

    Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular webmail service providers allow users to send or receive messages, attachments and much more. It is one of the fastest mail service providers among all the email service providers. It uses advanced security feature to keep their users account safe from cyberpunks. It offers many amazing features to its users.

    Like as in the other webmail portal, Yahoo also offers an email blocking feature to prevent unwanted email from particular senders you wish. You don’t need to be bothered about the unwanted emails which you are getting from the unknown person. The Yahoo user can block up to 500 contact email addresses in Yahoo. When an email from blocked addresses is sent to your inbox, then Yahoo automatically removes it and you’ll not find it in any folder in your Yahoo inbox. For the novice user, here, we are providing you with the information to block a specific sender as well as a group in Yahoo Mail or Y! Mail basic version from sending unwanted emails. Also, Yahoo helpline service Number is also available for quick support.


    Follow these steps to Block a Sender in Yahoo Mail

    • First, take your cursor over the Settings gear icon located at the top-right side of the Y! Mail.
    • Click on it.
    • Select Settings from the menu that has been displayed on the page.
    • Select the category of the Blocked Addresses.
    • Type the email address which you want to block in the ‘Add an Address’ field.
    • Click Ban.
    • Now, press the ‘Save’ button to save the changes you’ve made.


    Block a Sender in Yahoo Mail Basic

    • To add an email address to the list of blocked senders in Yahoo! Mail Basic:
    • You need to select the Options from the drop-down menu located next to your account’s name.
    • You need to press the Go button to proceed.
    • In Advanced Options, you need to open the blocked Address category.
    • Type the email address which you want to block in the Add an address option.
    • Enter the email address you want to be blocked under Add an address:
    • Press +.

    With the help of these above-mentioned steps, the user will easily block any email address which they want to avoid unwanted email from that particular sender and note that you can only enable this feature from web browser only. You can’t block sender email address from your mobile application. To know more, you need to contact autonomous service providers by dialing Yahoo technical support number, if any, available on the web.


    Google has launched an incredible new feature “Smart reply” in its latest update in Gmail app. The Search engine giant has used its machine learning prowess to show reply suggestions by scanning the incoming messages or emails. The latest Gmail Smart reply function basically scans your emails and suggests some of the pre-filled responses, which you can further customize according to your preferences. For example: If someone asks you for lunch “would you like to come with me for lunch today” via email, Gmail would suggest you replies like “sounds great”, which you can further send as a reply to that email.


    The Gmail Smart Reply feature is rolling out for both Android and iPhone apps in the English language. Other languages like Spanish, French will soon be integrated by this week. You will be surprised with the fact that Google has already debuted this feature back in 2015 in its Gmail inbox and its messaging apps, Allo, which it has revamped in its Gmail app on 17th May 2017.

    However, every coin has two faces, one is good and another one is worst. Same is in the case of “Smart reply” feature of Gmail App. Though it is incredible and saves lots of your time, have ever given a thought that Google is scanning your emails, your messages and emails are no more private and it can be bad for your Gmail Security. The Social media tycoon is playing smart by scanning your emails to see what’s going in your life and shows you ads on the basis of the information they extracted from your emails.


    So, if you want to keep your emails private and want to prevent Google from scanning your emails; it's better you disable the “Smart reply” feature. Looking for the guide, How to disable “Smart reply” Feature by Gmail? Here some fail-proof steps, which you can use to turn off the “Smart reply”.

    • Open your latest Gmail app that you have updated
    • Tap  "hamburger" icon in the top-left corner
    • Tap on the "Settings"
    • Tap the email address that you use as a Gmail username or id
    • Scroll down to find the option for "Smart Reply" and tap on the slider to "Off".

    Hope this blog would help you to decide, whether you want to use “Smart reply” feature or not. For more information and assistance, the user can directly Contact Google by phone by dialing Gmail helpline number. The expert will provide you instant assistance.

    For more help, the user can contact to Gmail technical support number.


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  • Easy Unfailing Steps To Go Live On Facebook- Add More Fun To Your Facebook Experience

    The Social Media Giant “Facebook” launched live video streaming feature back in 2016, which lets the users broadcast live videos on Facebook just in a tap. It is a powerful initiative of Facebook that facilitates its users to get connected with friends and followers with more fun and ease.


    You can now broadcast live video to the 1.9 billion audiences just with the camera in your pocket. All thanks to the Facebook technical team for this outstanding fun feature. Facebooking was never this much fun.

    Facebook live was initially launched only for celebrities, which allows them to live stream video to engage followers in a more personalized way. Undoubtedly, when it comes to broadcasting an event or a random moment, no live streaming app stands in the line with Facebook, as it has a huge audience and perfect platform to share what you're doing.

    So, are you ready to go live on Facebook? Here is the complete tutorial for the users, who are going to debut on Facebook live.

    • Log in to your Facebook Account by entering the login credentials
    • Navigate the cursor to the News Feed, and click the "Live" video icon
    • You can even broadcast your live video from the profile page as well. You just need to click on the status bar that reads “"What's on your mind?" and click on the video icon to start the live streaming.
    • Let the Facebook access your camera and microphone by clicking on “Ok”
    • You will only receive this prompt only when you are going live for the first time
    • Do your Privacy settings
    • Add a description relevant to your video
    • Tag your friends, select your location, or add an activity.
    • Click on the blue "Go Live" icon to start live streaming of video.
    • Hit on "Finish" button to end the broadcast.

    When you start going live on Facebook, your friends connected to you via Facebook will get alerts that notifying them about your Live streaming. While streaming live video, you can even switch between your front and rear facing the camera and can see what your viewers are watching.

    You can also view notifications of comments and new viewers adding to your live video. Reply to the comments and chat with your friends while you are live on Facebook.

    Hope this blog will help you to start your live streaming experience with Facebook. In case, you find any issue will broadcasting the live video on Facebook; then you can get in touch with experienced professionals via Facebook Customer services Number for immediate technical assistance. The customer support executives are available round the clock to provide instant solutions to the Facebook users.


    For more help visit Facebook helpline number.

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